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Updated: 3 hours 18 min ago

Londonderry bomb: PSNI say two arrests have been made

3 hours 22 min ago
Hundreds of people were being evacuated from the area when the explosion happened.

Woman hurt in 'hit-and-run' outside Leeds hotel

3 hours 52 min ago
The 24-year-old woman was knocked down by an Audi outside the Marriott Hotel in Leeds.

Liam Fox: May's Brexit deal is still the best way forward

3 hours 57 min ago
The international trade secretary suggests that negotiating with the EU over the Irish backstop could rescue the agreement.

Holocaust victims buried after remains given to museum

4 hours 8 min ago
The remains of six Auschwitz victims were donated to the Imperial War Museum more than 20 years ago.

Keir Starmer: PM needs to compromise or face fresh referendum

4 hours 15 min ago
The shadow Brexit secretary says Theresa May must disregard her Brexit red lines, or face the prospect of a another Brexit vote.

Tom Bell: Murder arrest after Doncaster pub shooting

4 hours 26 min ago
Tom Bell, 21, was shot through a window of the Maple Tree pub in Doncaster on Thursday.

Baby ray grown in sandwich bag at Aberdeenshire aquarium

5 hours 34 sec ago
The young thornback ray was expected to die after its egg case failed to open naturally.

Downing Street warns MPs not to block Brexit

10 hours 54 min ago
No 10 responds as two groups of MPs seek to take control of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'

13 hours 54 min ago
Charity Tourettes Action has discovered that patients are facing long delays in diagnosis.

I'm Alice and I have Tourette's

13 hours 54 min ago
Alice Franklin is one of 300,000 people in the UK with Tourette’s syndrome.

Skywatchers await 'super blood wolf moon'

14 hours 10 min ago
During the spectacular event, the Earth's natural satellite turns a striking shade of red.

Gosport hospital deaths: Evidence 'strong enough to bring charges'

14 hours 18 min ago
More than 450 patients died after being prescribed painkillers at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Merseyside Police horse sponsorship 'thin end of the wedge'

14 hours 34 min ago
Merseyside Police has raised more than £50,000 from deals with sponsors including Everton Football Club.

War on fatbergs: Can this 21st Century peril be blitzed?

14 hours 55 min ago
Could specially cultivated bacteria be the answer to the UK's £100m fatberg problem?

Police speak to Philip for not wearing seatbelt

15 hours 39 min ago
The duke was seen driving at Sandringham, two days after a crash that injured two women.

Heathrow: Man charged with flying drone near airport

15 hours 50 min ago
George Rusu is accused of using a drone on a field near the runway days after a scare at Gatwick.

'I wear a mask to prevent cold allergy reaction'

15 hours 56 min ago
Max Fisher, 23, gets red, itchy welts and swelling when in contact with anything cold.

Cherno Samba: The football prodigy who made it in a video game

15 hours 57 min ago
Championship Manager legend Cherno Samba now hopes to become a manager himself.

How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?

15 hours 59 min ago
Follow Najuma the black rhino as she is transported from Germany to a new home in Yorkshire.

Policeman shot dead by robber remembered 100 years on

16 hours 2 min ago
PC James Campbell died on 20 January 1919, two days after he was shot by a robber in Glasgow.